Permanent affiliation to Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Recognized Research centre for Ph.D.

In the year of 1990 the Department of Biochemistry was established in view of training students in Biochemistry serve the subject is important to fulfill the needs of biochemical aspects of various fields of basic and applied and sciences including medical sciences.

The department is well equipped with laboratory equipments students are guided by well qualified faculty for P.G. degree course for competitive exams as well as research work for M.Sc. dissertation or Ph.D. students of this department have attended good positions in various institutions.


1. Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava, Assistant Professor her area of interest is clinical Biochemistry and metabolism she was also involved in clinical routine investigation since 2004.

2. Mrs. Usha Duseja, Assistant Professor she is involved in B.Sc. (Biotechnology, Microbiology) section. She also guide to paramedical students like CT MRI and DMLT students.

Research Scholar:

Mrs. Malti Narwaria she is a Ph.D. scholar in Biochemistry department working under the guidance of Dr. Archana Shrivastav & Co-guide Dr. B.R. Shrivastav her area of research is Molecular Biology on breast cancer.

Aim of importance of Biochemistry :

1. The structure and projective of substances constituting the trance work of cells and tissues.

2. The structure and projective of substances which enter the cell as useful working materials or sources of energy or leaving the cell as waste products.

3. The catalytic tasks of enzymes.

4. The chemical process which convert diet into the compounds which are characteristic of the cells of a given species.

5. Using the potential energy obtained from the oxidation of food stuffs utilized to drive the manifold energy requiring process of the living cell.

6. Chemistry of inheritance.

7. The molecular basis of life.

8. In diagnosing.

9. Discovery of new drugs.

10. Solving some fundamental problems in biology and medicine.

Field of Research:

The achievements of biochemistry and the activities of biochemists can be divided into several large categories.

1. Kinds and structure of organic compounds.

2. Metabolism and biosynthesis.

3. Structure and biological function of macromolecules.

4. Cell function.

5. Relation of genetics.

6. Human disease.


Courses offered –

M.Sc. (Biochemistry)

B.Sc. (Biochemistry)

Ph.D. (Biochemistry)

Academic year start from 1st July of every year.

Eligibility for admission:

1. For admission in M.Sc. course the candidate should have Bachelor degree with chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry for admission in B.Sc. course the candidates should have minimum 50% marks we 10+2 exam. with biology.

2. A minimum of 50% marks in required are the qualifying examination. In case of SC/ST candidates, relaxation of 5% marks will be given.

Department Activities:

1. Biochemistry department has provided four to six months project training more then 50 students from various institutes of Gwalior and near by areas.

2. Department has also given short term training.

3. The faculty is activity engaged in scientific work they at regular intervals attend national international seminar.

4. Department has jointly organized 3 days hands on training modules on “Basic Recombinant DNA Technology” with M/s Helini Biomolecules, Chennai, in the month of April 2010.